Another Napleem grant is coming to increase the energy efficiency of SMEs


It is expected that 24-160 energy efficiency projects supported by solar cells can be implemented within the framework of the GINOP-4.1.5-22 tender that has just been announced.

If you meet the conditions detailed below, apply as soon as possible so that we can realize your plan together!

The framework amount of the support program is HUF 12 billion, the minimum amount of support that can be requested is HUF 75 million, the maximum amount is HUF 500 million, of which 100 % can be called as an advance. 

The support can be used for improving energy efficiency (improvement of heating technology, modernization of the heating system, conversion of lighting systemsthe)- and renewable energy use (installation of solar panels, use of heat pump systems, etc.) for activities aimed at increasing 

Within the framework of this call, activities aimed at improving energy efficiency can be independently supported, if the energy quality classification of the building to be developed improves by at least one level in the case of buildings below the DD classification.

Independently eligible activities 

  1. A) Activities to improve energy efficiency:
  2. Improving the thermal properties of buildings and reducing their heat loss
  3. Modernization of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems of buildings

III. Energy-saving conversion of existing indoor lighting systems

Activities that cannot be supported independently

  1. B) Activities aimed at increasing the use of renewable energy:

I. Installation of a solar collector system in order to partially or fully satisfy the DHW demand of the building involved in the development and/or for auxiliary heating and/or cooling

  1. Construction of a briquette, pellet, wood chip, wood gasification boiler system in order to partially or fully satisfy the heating and DHW needs of the building involved in the development 

III. Installation of a solar system for grid electricity production, exclusively for the supply of electricity to the building involved in the development and the economic and production processes taking place therein

  1. Use of heat pump systems for heating and/or cooling and/or domestic hot water production and/or heating support 
  2. C) Improving the summer heat protection of buildings, installing shading or shadow-casting structures

We are waiting for applications from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that

  • have at least 3 closed full business years
  • the annual average statistical number of employees was at least 1 person in the last complete business year prior to the submission
  • Double-entry accounting companies and cooperatives with headquarters in Hungary (or branches of double-entry accounting companies with headquarters in the European Economic Area and a branch office in Hungary)

Support is not available in the following cases:

  • the enterprises whose equity capital is negative based on the annual report of the most recent closed full business year approved prior to the submission of the grant application
  • those businesses that previously received one of the GINOP subsidies 
  • enterprises that qualify as agricultural producers, are engaged in the production and processing of agricultural products, or are engaged in the production, processing and sale of fishery and aquaculture products
  • and projects implemented in the Central Hungary region are not eligible for support.

Important information about the application rules for the installation of solar panels and heat pump systems: 

In addition to the solar system to be installed with a rated output of at least 8 kWp, batteries, measuring and control equipment can also be installed from the subsidy. The system can be installed on the roof structure of the building affected by the development, on the roof structure of carports, as well as on the ground. It is not possible to install an isolated power system with the tender.

In addition to the solar system, the installation of the heat pump system is also mandatory within the framework of the tender, in which the design and commissioning of the primary and secondary side of the heat pump can be supported, as well as the necessary tests and monitoring systems, and the construction of connection points.

Ineligible activities: 

  • installation of a solar system, if the amount of electricity produced exceeds the annual electricity demand of the building / group of buildings after development
  • expansion of an existing solar system (unless the existing system is on a building with an energy and heating system that is not affected by the development and separate from the property to be developed)
  • installation of a solar system on a slate roof
  • energy modernization of companies engaged in agricultural activities

The reimbursable grant (VT) can be partially or fully converted into a non-reimbursable grant (VNT) if the subsidized project is properly completed and the performance goals are met.

Grant applications can be submitted between April 20 and May 3, 2022. 

12 months are available for the implementation of the project. 

Apply for support with us, the specialists of YUXTA Kft. will calculate and design the system that suits your needs free of charge, and even support you in making the right decision with return calculations.


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