Corporate solar system live - our case study

The history of our domestic company solar system installation in brief

Our client operates a webshop serving b2b customers. He wanted to optimize the energy consumption of his newly purchased warehouse building, for which task he turned to solar panels. With the installed system - based on current calculations - you can reduce your energy costs to 1/3.

The start

Our client wanted to reduce operating costs by to invest in a solar system. Furthermore, it was a challenge for him that his constantly increasing expenses also affect the pricing of his products - and this could be at the expense of his competitiveness. He was looking for a more predictable solution, one in which he was less dependent on energy prices and system usage fees.

We immediately encountered an extra problem, because due to the length of the ownership transfer procedure, our client ran out of time and was no longer able to conclude a settlement agreement. Nevertheless, he went ahead with the installation. He did well, because based on his electricity costs, the investment is worth it even without a break-even construction.

Our solution

After the personal survey, based on your heating, lighting and cooling needs, we prepared your individual consumer profile and outlined how the consumption will work. We applied various solar panel systems to the created graph and found the most optimal size for it.

The main goal was to satisfy basic needs, for which we recommended a 20 kW inverter solar panel system, which can roughly reduce your energy costs to 1/3. According to our return calculation, the project will return the invested cost in 3-4 years.

corporate solar systemFor more optimal operation, we added controlled consumers to the system. Thanks to this, if the sun is shining on the weekend, the hall's air conditioning can start, so that on Monday the workers arrive in a hall with a pleasant climate. And in winter, the same is true for the heating system.

The results are in numbers

The system produces 25,000 kWh, with the optimization 12,000 kWh is used, but it is still worth it for the company - due to the constantly increasing energy prices and system usage fees. The warehouse's annual energy consumption is approx. 20,000 kWh, of which, together with the control of the consumers, the reverse wattage solar panel system installed on the roof of the hall can generate 12,000 kWh.

The solution can be further expanded if there is a need for it: optionally with a new inverter or new panels, up to 30 kW.

High operating costs? Vulnerability to the energy provider? Also for corporate and institutional clients we offer a specially tailored solution for optimizing energy use. Based on current calculations, an average solar panel system can pay for itself in 2-3 years and then serve a business for 25-30 years. Ask our experts, obsession ask for our offer!

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