The value-adding solar panel – the real estate factor in the installation

In general, it is true that a solar panel system can increase the value of the property, but several factors determine by how much. They reduce the building's carbon footprint and improve its energy efficiency, and are a beneficial investment even if we want to sell the house before the end of the system's technical life.

Having a home with solar panels means the owners will save money in the long run, increasing the home's curb appeal and value. Most owners know that this solution reduces energy costs and has a much lower environmental impact than other energy production alternatives. And these long-term savings are considered value enhancers.

Using a foreign example: a National Renewable Energy Laboratory for every dollar saved on the energy bill by a solar panel, it increases the value of the property by $20. For example, if your system saves you $700 a year, your home will increase in value by $14,000.

Factors influencing the value of the property

However, how much the property's value increases depends on where it is located and the quality of the solar panel system. Other factors include local energy costs, the cost of installing solar panels, the frequency of power outages, and the age of the system.

More informed customers

An energy-efficient property, an essential part of which is the solar panel system, is an increasingly important aspect for those looking for real estate. Today it is like thermal insulation used to be - it is slowly becoming a basic condition rather than unique. Right now, demand for solar systems is higher than ever, with home buyers becoming more environmentally conscious while looking to save money. They are willing to spend more to save on their expenses in the long run.

It is also important for the corporate segment

And the solar system is not only that residential, but corporate can also be evaluated from the point of view of real estate sales. Moreover, it also positively affects rentability. A site or property equipped with a solar panel also represents a higher value when renting, as it is more attractive in the eyes of businesses fighting for energy efficiency and wanting to reduce their overhead costs. And the 10-20-year industrial leases are roughly in line with the 25-30-year lifespan of the systems.

Green building classification systems often used in the case of office buildings and commercial establishments also focus on the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the property. The better known of these are BREEAM, LEED and DGNB. Energy management, including energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy (e.g. solar energy) improves the classification of the building, so not only lower operating costs can be expected, but the property is also much more attractive to potential tenants, thereby increasing the value of the building from the owner's point of view higher.

A higher value requires higher security

Since the installation of solar panels is a value-adding activity, it is necessary to extend the existing property insurance or take out new plans. This is important not only to cover potential damage, but also because the amount of insurance must follow the increase in value. Typically, it involves a low increase in expenses, but this means that the building and the installed system are safe.

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