From MGT to installation - what happens after I receive the solar installation permit?

In Hungary, the electricity grid-connected (i.e. not isolated) residential solar system the first step of its installation is to have MGT in our possession. The existence of this means that the system is allowed to be installed and connected to a network. Tell me where to go next if you already have this. That is, this is how the installation looks like at Yuxta.

I have my MGT, what's next?

Our experts help MGT to see, interpret and outline the possibilities. It includes, among other things, the power inverter the person requested, but only after the on-site survey can we "customize" the solar system together with the customer. Fortunately, the number of options is practically endless. The design of the system depends, for example, on the possibilities of the property (orientation, roof size, shape, type, shadow effects), depends on the customer's needs (visual needs, e.g. black solar panels and supports, installations on the ground, individual placement, etc.) and depends on the consumption to be covered also from its size. From these jointly agreed requirements, we calculate what elements are required for the solar panel system.

According to our current capacity, we undertake a survey within approximately 3 working days after the first consultation. As a Budapest-based company, we can get out to the capital and the surrounding settlements sooner, but we also go to more distant locations.

After the survey, we will send you a price offer within 2-3 working days. After acceptance, we prepare and send the contract; We work with an advance of 50%, which typically covers the price of the materials required for installation. After concluding the contract and paying the advance, we prepare the plan and the connection documentation, which must be submitted to the electricity supplier. The approval will arrive within 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, we will coordinate the installation date with our installation team, and we will begin the installation within 3-4 weeks.

The big day: this is how the installation works

To fix the date, our installers visit our customer, typically 1 week before. On the morning of the appointed day, our team of 3 people arrives: 1 electrician and 2 workers who work on the roof. We discuss again what is written in the plan - where will the solar panels go, how will the connection be, where will the inverter be placed. And the construction begins. In the case of a normal family house, the solar system can be completed even that afternoon – depending on the size and complexity.

My solar panel is up, when will it produce?

After installation, we receive the necessary documentation from the team and report the system to the electricity supplier as ready. As this changes the settlement method, the service provider's contracts for network use and connection must also be signed. Counting from here, you still have to wait 1.5-2 months (according to our current experience) for the service provider to replace the meter, but this depends on customer service and area. The process can be accelerated if the customer visits the service provider by phone or in person.

The system can be armed after changing the clock. Our experts will then set up the inverter and the corresponding Wi-Fi module, which transmits the production data and technical characteristics of the system to the data collection interface of the inverter. We provide the availability of the user interface (mobile application) to the customer, who from then on can monitor the production, the messages of the inverter and any errors continuously, practically anywhere, at any time. We also have access to the interface, so possible troubleshooting is also smoother.

You can also count on us for operation!

All system data is included in the handover documentation compiled for the finished system:

  • what are its parts, what mode does it have,
  • how to use,
  • how to detect the error and where to report it.

However, our customers can also contact us regarding operation and troubleshooting. A 2-year installation guarantee applies to the solar panel system installed by us, according to which if anything goes wrong during the installation, we will repair it free of charge. If a warranty problem arises later with any element of the system, it is still worth contacting us, we will help you with the solution.

Everything in one hand

We proudly undertake that we really take matters into one hand, taking the burden off the claimant's shoulders. The prerequisite for this, however, is that we request a power of attorney, in which we state that we can act on behalf of the customer at the power supplier issuing the MGT. You can count on us for consultation with the service provider, installers, and operation!

If you have any questions at any point in the process, please feel free to contact us. Our salesperson and project coordinator, with whom he was in contact until then, keeps in touch with the customer even after the contract has been signed. Depending on the complexity of the question or request, we can involve several dedicated experts from our team in solving any problems.

With MGT in your possession, ask for our unique offer by filling out our form, with a few clicks!

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