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YUXTA Energy is a dynamically developing international company founded in Costa Rica, one of the happiest countries in the world. With our dedicated team, we increase our knowledge and efficiency in the field of renewable energy utilization and sustainability every single day. Our goal is that our business potential serves the benefit of human communities and our planet instead of the selfishness of profit, as we believe that this is the best way to respond to the greatest challenges of our time.

We are also the official representatives of Jinko Solar, one of the world's largest and most innovative solar panel manufacturers, in Hungary. We offer high-quality products at favorable prices, from stock, to our small and large installation partners and project developers.

Adapting to the needs of the market, we propose solutions in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, e-mobility and smart measurements. Our goal is to use our expertise, experience, capital, relationships and faith to cooperate with the current and future participants of the domestic renewable market, and with this activity we promote the rapid spread of available green technologies.

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Headquarters: 2161 Csomád, Levente u. 14/A

Office: Graphisoft Park, 1031 Budapest, Záhony utca 7. Building I, floor 2.01

Warehouse: Factory, Prologis Industrial Park

YUXTA Energy Kft.
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Etelka HajékEtelka Hajék
11:37 27 Mar 23
Fast, professional, customer-friendly service. I can recommend it.
Peter BihariPeter Bihari
11:44 17 Mar 23
I was completely satisfied with the services of YUXTA. Thanks to their comprehensive service, the installation and commissioning of the solar panel system was done quickly, precisely, and very comfortably from the customer's perspective. I was extremely satisfied with the project's traceability. The employees who carried out the implementation and commissioning did an excellent job.
András KajliAndrás Kajli
09:42 08 Mar 23
Accurate and reliable company. The original contractor, with an existing permit, promised a lengthy implementation period. YUXTA, following the contact, quickly provided an offer, we signed a contract, and the implementation was completed within the agreed-upon short deadline. Thank you for everything! Special recognition to the implementation team because they are precise, kind, and very helpful with any request
Roland CsőszRoland Csősz
14:31 24 Feb 23
A reliable, honest company. They were able to meet the deadlines despite the market going wild due to the "regime demon". I got what I paid for; I was correctly informed about the whole process without any side talk. My own preferences were taken into account during the installation, I am thinking here of symmetrical panel placement or that the inverter should not be mounted on the wall, as many contractors would have done. I really recommend them to everyone!
Law Office BrasnyóLaw Office Brasnyó
13:12 16 Feb 23
Helpful, professional, punctual, and flexible team. They prepared everything by the deadline at the agreed price and recommended an electrician when needed.

Our mission
and our creed

Our mission is to contribute to making the Earth more livable with our activities, and also economically and sustainably serve the growing energy needs of the world, including our partners.

We believe that we can achieve the goals set out in our mission with a human-centered customer relationship, optimal economic solutions and with the least environmental impact.

Our managing director, Ernesto Moreno, recently gave a TED lecture on the commitment to renewable energy and environmental protection, the roots of YUXTA. (Video in Spanish, automatic subtitles can be set.)

As a certified and responsible Benefit Company, at YUXTA Energy we consider it of the utmost importance to serve social and environmental goals with our business operations.

Joining the UN's Global Impact initiative, we conduct business that supports the fulfillment of the 17 sustainability goals set out in the so-called "B Corporation" program.

In our activities, we most emphatically follow goal number 7 of the program, i.e. we strive to provide our partners and social communities with access to affordable, modern, reliable energy sources.

Currently, our most extensive energy activity is connected to the American continent, but we have a commercial office in Europe, including Budapest and Warsaw. We are constantly developing our activities in the direction of further "B Corp" goals by thinking along the lines of global social challenges.

We cooperate with governments, decision-makers, and international organizations in many areas. We basically provide the following products and services to our partners, small, medium and large companies:

  • Distribution of solar modules
  • Implementation of solar energy utilization projects
  • Development of leasing and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) type structures
  • E-mobility projects, distribution of electric vehicles
  • Energy supply, establishment of micro-grids
  • Outsourcing of business processes
  • Energy consulting

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