Electric car charger installation

electric car charger installation

Electric car chargers help to recharge the battery of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Many vehicles have a simple wall socket charging cable, but this typically takes a very long time to recharge the vehicle's battery.

With a wall charger, charging time is shorter, the process is safer and charging activity can be monitored via the charger's software.

If the property is also equipped with a solar PV system and a smart meter, and a smart charger that can communicate with the inverter is installed, a number of additional features will be available to improve the energy management and comfort of the property.

The following functions can be set:
  • charging from the solar panel system give preference to the charger, i.e. charge when the solar system is producing
  • scheduled charging (for example, only charge at night)
  • dynamic charging, whereby the charger can control the charging of the car in relation to the consumption of the house (if the house has a high consumption, it will cut down or switch off, thus avoiding blowing the fuses)
  • through the app control the charger, even remotely
electric car charger installation

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installation of an electric car charger

Enel-X JuiceBox electric fast charger

  • Operation independent of the solar system
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Up to 22 kW charging power
  • Phone app with a range of convenience features

Huawei Smart Charger electric fast charger

  • Up to 22 kW charging power
  • Huawei communicates with inverter
  • A common application with the inverter, where, in addition to the convenience functions, synchronised operation with the solar system is available

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