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Residential installation

For those with a permit, it is not worth giving up on the installation option, as if they decide to install a solar system now, they can still benefit from the favourable annual balance settlement instead of gross settlement and other alternatives.

The installation of solar panels allows households to become more independent from energy suppliers. This reduces the impact of electricity price changes and increases self-sufficiency in energy production.

As more and more buyers are looking for energy efficient and environmentally friendly properties, the installation of a solar system increases its attractiveness. In fact, in the coming years, it will become an indispensable feature of a property, just like insulation. It is estimated that the value of a property with a solar PV system is 10-15% higher than a property without.

Installing solar panels can reduce energy consumption, which saves money on energy bills in the long run. With a lifespan of 25-30 years, the energy produced by solar panels is free and sustainable until the end of their operational life.

This is not an age of energy abundance, and the trend shows that this is not changing. More and more of us are living on the planet, and each of us is consuming more and more energy. One way to achieve energy security is to move towards energy independence. Going off the grid, even partially, can be a good way forward, for example by installing a solar panel system. 

Solar panel for businesses

A solar PV system optimised for the operation and needs of the business, at current energy prices, will provide a quick return on investment.

Solar panels help reduce energy consumption in businesses, so long-term costs are significantly reduced.

Companies that use green energy present a positive image to customers and partners. This can help to improve the company's visibility and image and attract new customers.

Solar panels provide a constant supply of energy, which can be critical for businesses that depend on electricity.

The installation of a solar system also has a positive impact on rentability. A site or property equipped with solar panels is also more valuable for rental purposes, as it is more attractive to energy-efficient businesses looking to reduce their overheads. And 10-20 year industrial leases are broadly in line with the 25-30 year lifetime of the systems.

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Etelka HajékEtelka Hajék
11:37 27 Mar 23
Fast, professional, customer-friendly service. I can recommend it.
Peter BihariPeter Bihari
11:44 17 Mar 23
I was completely satisfied with the services of YUXTA. Thanks to their comprehensive service, the installation and commissioning of the solar panel system was done quickly, precisely, and very comfortably from the customer's perspective. I was extremely satisfied with the project's traceability. The employees who carried out the implementation and commissioning did an excellent job.
András KajliAndrás Kajli
09:42 08 Mar 23
Accurate and reliable company. The original contractor, with an existing permit, promised a lengthy implementation period. YUXTA, following the contact, quickly provided an offer, we signed a contract, and the implementation was completed within the agreed-upon short deadline. Thank you for everything! Special recognition to the implementation team because they are precise, kind, and very helpful with any request
Roland CsőszRoland Csősz
14:31 24 Feb 23
A reliable, honest company. They were able to meet the deadlines despite the market going wild due to the "regime demon". I got what I paid for; I was correctly informed about the whole process without any side talk. My own preferences were taken into account during the installation, I am thinking here of symmetrical panel placement or that the inverter should not be mounted on the wall, as many contractors would have done. I really recommend them to everyone!
Law Office BrasnyóLaw Office Brasnyó
13:12 16 Feb 23
Helpful, professional, punctual, and flexible team. They prepared everything by the deadline at the agreed price and recommended an electrician when needed.

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