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The home renovation program for families started on January 1, 2021, within the framework of which many domestic residential properties can become more energy efficient - and even greener in the two years ahead. We have summarized the most important information in our article.

solar panel installation

The home improvement program is almost all domestic 50% state subsidy for renovationprovides t. If the applicant meets the conditions and rules of the program, either You can get back half of your HUF 6 million investments. Support may be requested by families who are raising at least one child, have at least one year of social insurance coverage, are free of public debt, and have lived in their own property for at least one year. According to the regulations of the home renovation program, the following are considered children:

  • the fetus older than 12 weeks
  • a child under the age of 25 living at home
  • a disabled child over the age of 25, whose ability to work is limited, after whom the parent is entitled to GYOD

Who can use the support?

  • families raising at least one child are eligible for support
  • married couples, partners, and single-parent families can also apply
  • in the case of divorced parents, if the child is raised in a shared manner, the support can also be shared
  • in the case of divorced parents, if one parent has sole custody of the child, he or she is entitled to support alone, without division
  • non-biological, adoptive parent, or the child's adult official guardian

Home renovation post-financing nature, so the renovation must be done on your own, and you can subsequently request support from the State Treasury.

Additional conditions of support:

  • at least one year of social security legal relationship, with a maximum of 30 days of interruption in the last year
  • A foreign legal relationship, a higher education legal relationship and a graduate GYED are also considered to be a legal relationship
  • exemption from public debt, but the KRH database is not a disqualifying factor
  • Unpunished life
  • Hungarian citizenship
  • a family can use the support only once
  • the grant is non-refundable
  • the property renovated with the support can be sold, but cannot be used again for the next property
  • if someone buys a property for which a subsidy was previously used, this does not preclude the new owner from using it
  • only invoices after January 1, 2021 can be used for support!
  • CSOK and baby loans are not excluded from the home renovation subsidy.
  • An invoice can only be settled once.
  • The support can be used for several purposes simultaneously, but during the cost accounting, care must be taken to ensure that the proportion of work and material costs in the subsidized portion (50%) of all submitted invoices is half to half. (For example, a HUF 6 million invoice can be submitted from a HUF 7 million investment, of which HUF 3 million can be claimed back. Within this subsidy amount, a maximum of HUF 1.5-1.5 million can be deducted for both material costs and labor fees.

The subsidy can even be used for solar panels!

The support all it's like that renovation investment can be requested after which is meant to improve the quality of life, or a serves the family's safety or financial security.

Public utility connection (introduction of water, sewer, electric, gas utility services), painting, glazing, replacement of doors and windows, installation or replacement of air conditioning, heating modernization, installation of solar systems, purchase of a new boiler, solar collector, purchase and connection of a boiler, bathroom, toilet design, external or internal insulation of a property, installation of a gallery or stairs, roof replacement, roof renovation, garage renovation, summer kitchen renovation, specific carpentry work (e.g. installation or replacement of built-in furniture or kitchen appliances), construction of a fence, etc.

In addition to the above, it is good news that renewable energy utilization, and within that solar panel system installation is also supported became, so compared to previous years households can get half price it's like that for a clean energy source, with which in the long run can be reduced, (or even zeroable) is their energy costs.

Who should think about solar panels?

  • He plans for the long term and likes predictability
  • The use of clean, green energy sources is important to him
  • You have the necessary self-power
  • He lives in his own property
  • The orientation, environment and electrical network of the property are suitable for receiving the solar system

Save money with a solar panel! Using the solar panel…

  • can reduce the usage costs of your existing household appliances,
  • can cool and heat,
  • can produce hot water,
  • can light more energy-efficiently,
  • you can charge your electric or plug-in hybrid car, or other electric means of transport at home, from a renewable energy source,
  • you can even operate your garden lighting and pool for free.

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