First Yuxta install of the year

The year has started here as well, and we have already completed a successful installation: the internationally recognized JinkoSolar solar panels have started working on a family house in Budapest. We report on the results briefly.

The first solar panel installation project of the year 2023 was successfully completed. The total output of the system installed in Budapest for residential demand is 6.2 kWp, with an expected annual production of 6,700 kWh. On the recommendation of our client's experts, the internationally recognized JinkoSolar Tiger 415 Wp capacity, high quality and efficiency, with monocrystalline technology, decided on the latest N-type cell solar modules. We installed a hybrid inverter as part of the system, which can even be supplemented with battery modules.

First solar panel installation in 2023

In addition to the financial benefits of solar panel installation, there is unfortunately little talk these days about a much more important thing, the positive impact of solar panel systems on the environment. Emphasizing this, we also calculate the system's contribution to environmental sustainability for our customers in all our offers. In this case, during the lifetime of the installed system, it saves 76 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and represents the equivalent of 102 planted trees.

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