Our residential installations


Client: Erika and her family
Technical content: 33 kW system with 30 kW Huawei inverter
Production: ~34.000 kWh/year

We have installed a 33 kW system with a 30 kW Huawei inverter at the body repair plant of Rácz Kelet-Pest Ltd., with an expected annual production of approximately 34 thousand kWh.

Summer cottage

Client: Delta Kft.
Location: The Yárlőrinci site of Delta Kft
Technical content: 72 kWp HUAWEI inverters + 175 Jinko Solar Tiger solar panels
Production: ~81.000 kWh/year

The solar system covers a large part of the energy consumption of the customer's site.

Kelemen Works

Client: Kelemen Művek car equipment and parts wholesaler
Location: Budapest
Technical content: 50 kW HUAWEI inverter and Jinko Solar Tiger solar panel
~52.000 kWh/year

The system contributes significantly to reducing the customer's energy costs.

Budapest, XVI.

Client: EvoRent Kft.
Location: Budapest, XVI
Technical content: 90 kW HUAWEI inverter + 370 325 Wp Jinko Solar solar panels
Production: ~120,000 kWh/year
The solar system will cover the total consumption of the customer's site!

HVG Headquarters

Client: HVG
Location: Budapest, III.
Technical content: 20 + 5 kW HUAWEI inverter + 74 355 Wp Jinko Solar solar panels
~26.000 kWh/year

Rozi Pension Badacsony

Client: Rozi Panzió
Location: Badacsony
Technical content: 10 kW HUAWEI inverter + 35 355 Wp Jinko Solar solar panels
Production: ~13.300 kWh/year
Expected electricity bill: 1.000 Ft/year

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