From demand notification to production - now is the start of the solar panel boom!

...that is, it is worth paying attention to these if you still want a balanced system

With regard to solar systems, approaching the end of October, the only topic that was discussed was that those who still want to use the benefits of feed-in (balancing) must submit their request for connection to their distribution licensee (service provider). As you may know, it is possible to enter into a contract with the service providers for "pay-as-you-go" solar panels until 31.12.2023, after which only previously concluded contracts can remain in effect.

In the last few weeks, countless online aids and applications have helped interested parties to easily and smoothly submit their request for a solar system before the deadline of October 30, and the majority of solar companies - including us - have helped our customers who are unsure or who are struggling with a lack of time. .

At the same time, little was said in the published advertisements about what to do after submitting the request to join, what practical preparations should be made. We want to help with this with tips and advice in our article.

If we submitted the application ourselves, we will also receive the so-called MGT (technical economic information), which defines the conditions for connecting the solar system to the grid. The expected time for this can range from a few days to even 60-100 days, depending on the service provider's area and the need.

It is IMPORTANT that if  we don't have a contractor yet, it is not worth waiting for the release of the MGT, it might be worth starting the process of searching for a contractor, assessing needs, and concluding a contract, because in view of the increased demand, many construction companies are already saturated, so it may happen that they do not, or only expensively, undertake further constructions with a long deadline.

IMPORTANT! If we didn't give it to ourselves the request, but a company did it for us, it is not certain that we will be automatically notified of the issuance of the MGT we also! In such cases, it is definitely worth requesting continuous information about the status of the application, to avoid that it might not be done for some reason and the 30-day deadline for accepting the MGT expires! (This is because, even if the request is in vain, we can automatically lose the possibility of a repayment balance.) It is also important that the MGT is for the person on whose behalf it was submitted, so the frequent salesperson's argument that "we submitted the application, so only we can contract for the implementation of the system" is misleading.

The claim report inverter part after the arrival of the MGT can still be modified. If e.g. rather, we would like to install a different type of inverter that is more suitable for our purposes, or with a lower power, there is usually no obstacle to that. Based on the concluded contract, our solar company can make this modification on our behalf.

If you have any questions about the above, or if you are already thinking ahead and looking for a contractor, please feel free to contact us!


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