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Yuxta is proud to offer tender marketing services in partnership with some of the top companies. When it comes to helping you with your shopping needs in our area of expertise, we have no competition.

Our tender marketing services

At Yuxta, we specialize in effective tender management. We can help you procure products and services in key areas such as transport, telecommunications, general equipment and energy solutions.

Maximize your business opportunities and optimize your projects with our tender marketing service! Contact us today to find out how we can help your business succeed in the international market.


In a world dominated by technology, companies must become more efficient and competitive. A key element of this puzzle is an efficient and cost-effective power supply. And this is where YUXTA comes into the picture as a star partner. With solid experience in industrial operations and renewable energy, we offer solutions that perform brilliantly.

Our innovation laboratory

At YUXTA, we have a huge community of customers and collaborators at your disposal. Think of it as an IT innovation lab where magic happens. This is where we offer high performance infrastructure for cloud computing, data analytics and machine learning.

Power, security and flexibility in the cloud

Our cloud services are not only powerful, but also secure and reliable. Imagine having access to high-performance virtual machines and cloud services as your trusted companions every step of the way. No cancellation fees and flexible payment systems to suit your needs. This is not only a convenient choice, but also a key to starting projects.

Organize an innovation session

Are you ready to illuminate the path to IT success? Contact us and organize an innovation session. At YUXTA, we not only provide IT solutions, but unlimited opportunities for your business to shine in the digital world.

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