Residential energy storage solar systems with support

energy storage solar panel system

Batteries attached to solar systems, energy storage devices, devices that produced by the solar system and was not used in our apartment at the time of production energy is stored. If the installed solar system does not have energy storage, the unused energy is fed back into the network. However, in the event that grid feed-in is limited or the price of fed energy is lower than the price of energy purchased from the grid, then energy stored in batteries can be used by homeowners and businesses when the sun is not shining or when energy demand is greater than production. In the meantime, users save energy costs and the network is less burdened.

The battery solutions that can be connected to the hybrid inverter in our offer are available in several sizes and capacities according to the needs.

The Napenergia Plusz Program was launched to support the construction of residential energy storage solar systems, where a subsidy of up to HUF 5,000,000 can be applied for the construction of an energy storage system with a capacity of up to 10 kWh:

  • It is mandatory to apply for a solar panel and storage together, but only new investment can be supported, which will already operate according to gross accounting
  • The installation of the solar panel is possible with a minimum 4, maximum 5 kW power inverter, a minimum 7.5, maximum 10 kWh capacity storage
  • At least 34% of the project budget must be self-funded
  • Support requests are evaluated in the order they are submitted
  • Pre-registration starts on January 15, 2024

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