The utility reduction will begin this July!

In July of this year, the transformation of the "reduction in overhead costs" system will begin.

With the drastic increase of up to 3-4 times the low energy prices that were common in previous decades, more and more of our corporate customers are thinking about energy as an important issue and the use of solar panel systems as a strategic tool.

A well-sized solar panel system built from quality raw materials and financed with appropriate financial resources can provide a significant business advantage for forward-thinking businesses, which can even decide on the company's survival in difficult economic conditions.

At YUXTA, we not only supply solar panel systems, but also provide energy, financing and tender consulting to our customers.

 Don't postpone your plans, contact us to find the best solution for you!

We provide a 15-year distributor and 25-year performance guarantee for the top-quality, TIER1-listed Jinko Solar solar panels that we exclusively distribute!

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Customizable Solar Panels Tailored to Your Needs

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